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I have made a milestone of $400 with my client

I have made a milestone of $400 with my client for one month,, but since the work is for one month, I am currently asking the client to approve $100 and he is agreeing to this condition,,,, so we don't know how to do it. Please tell us if anyone knows

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good job

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Created milestone doesn't mean much. You need to work only on a funded milestone.


If it is funded, $400, client can release $100 or any part of it anytime.

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Submit the milestone, but when you get to the screen with the amount requested, change it to $100 . Tell your client to make sure it says $100 before they approve--if that's not what they're seeing, they can also change it. Once that's paid, the remaining amount in escrow will be available for future milestones. 

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