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I have my JSS but it doesn't say the stat for Clients Who Would Recommend Me?

I have my job success score, but It doesn't give me any stats for clients who would recommend me?


I'm trying to find that out as I randomly had my JSS come yesterday and it was shockingly low despite having decent reviews.


I've attached a picture so you can see what I am talking about.


Happy to hear your thoughts!

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The 'clients who would recommend you' metric updates on a different cycle than the JSS (which updates every two weeks). That is to prevent FLs from sussing out which client dinged them and harassing that client. (It would happen, believe me.) If you are new and just recently got a JSS, then the 'clients who would recommend' will follow (but I don't know when).


I can't see your profile so don't know what line of work you are in or what your background is. If you are new to freelancing, it's important to understand that your marketable core skills are only part of what you need to succeed. You also have to be able to recognize which projects and clients are a good fit for you adn which ones are not (and pass on the latter); manage clients' expectations and all other aspects of the relationships so they are happy with project outcomes; manage projects so clients' expectations are exceeded and they feel good about their investments with you. Plus the business side of it (managing expenses, cash flow, tax liabilities, etc.).


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