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I have some issue with my payment method

Hi there,


Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the management of Upwork informing me that I needed to remove my current payment method due to new banking regulations. 


And this is because they wanted me to renew the payment method, which is a direct transfer to the bank, by adding the IBAN number instead of my current bank account number.


Thus, I did remove my payment method this morning and started to set up the same payment method with the new requirement, however, when I contacted my bank in my country, they told me that the IBAN number isn't available currently in my bank, therefore, I should keep using my swift code as well as my bank account without any need of using the IBAN number. 

Now, the issue is that the payment method can't be created due to the IBAN number, which I had to write as my normal account number, is incorrect. 


Now, I became lost and can't even add any other payment method.  I need help as soon as possible. Is there any exceptional way to create my payment method without the IBAN number?

Kindest Regards,

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ahmed,


I can see that you have already followed up on your ticket with additional questions and rest assured our team will assist you further as soon as possible directly there. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for the quick response. I hope I would find a solution for this issue ASAP.

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