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I have tried a lot with full passion & dedication!

It is been 2 months and sent up to 40+ proposals & got interviewed just 2 times & not selected, though I'm a Freelancer plus member! I have tried pro tips to write winning job proposals by seeing Upwork academy! Also completed 100% profile & made a good portfolio! Made an introduction Video! set a good-looking profile picture! But Still, I did not find my first job! In this case, i think i need to get the verification badge for getting my first job! But Upwork made this process a dream for freelancers like me who are really serious and bought freelancer plus membership to make a career on Upwork! Today is the beginning of the year 2023! Hoping for the best for all! 

Happy New Year

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Things have changed a lot in the past few months especially two major changes 1) b posted proposals 2) Upwork has opened it doors for anyone who wants to register on the website. 


This has led to increased competition, even established freelancers with good earnings, ranking and reviews are finding it difficult to get work easily! 


I remember when I joined the platform about 2 years ago, I would send 40+ proposals each week and I tried it for several weeks...I think I may have sent 300-400 proposals before establishing a steady income here...I at that time we didn't have so much competition it was still competitive but nothing like what I see nowadays..


I have decent earnings, JSS, and client review but in the past 3-4 months I got only two jobs via proposals rest all the jobs I got were either from existing clients or from invitations. 


So all I am saying here is 40 proposals in 2 months is not "trying a lot" you have to send more proposals, and you have to spend some money on connects do not depend on free connects. Especially since there is a lot of competition in your niche! 


Also, work on your profile you need to add "better" logo samples the logos you have in your portfolio is not better than someone who is still learning to design logos...

Also, I do no 


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