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I just started a contract and received no explanation of how to submit invoices/timesheets

I just started an upwork contract with a client last week and received no explanation of timesheet/invoicing instructions from Upwork so I was unaware that I needed to submit my hours each day last week and therefore missed adding my time. I also didn't get a notice asking if my hours were accounted for either. How can this get rectified? 

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Ask client to use "add bonus" for amount you missed. Use Time tracker app in future. App will do all required.


Hi Julie,


Please be aware that all applicable time you log in your Work Diary, whether tracked or added as manual time, is invoiced to your client according to the weekly billing cycleSince manually added hours and bonus payments are not covered by Upwork Hourly Protection, we recommend our valued members to log time using the Upwork desktop app (Time Tracker).


You may check this help article to learn more about getting paid on an hourly contract.


~ Arjay
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Yes, Now I know this but was unaware as a new contractor and received no notices at all during any point next week or even monday at the close of the week. Can Upwork please rectify this on your end so I don't need to go to the client after just starting a job.


You will not receive any notices, Julie. 


It's like the real world where you're responsible for time management and billing. Upwork only promises you will receive money, provides space to send files, and offers ease of invoicing.  


You don't ( rarely) chase after clients for your money, and that's the main benefit of this site. 


You have to read the resource pages to know how a contract process works. If your client is decent, they may pay you the amount as a bonus or allow you to use manual time.


But, if you don't take time to read how it works, an unethical client could get away with free work. 

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