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I keep being "recruited" by this company and then receiving the silence treatment

For the second time (the first time I applied to their ad, the second they contacted me) I received a job invitation for a job as linguistic supervisor / language expert for an AI intelligence training program. Once I was selected, the first time after a rather lengthly process, I was offered a contrac, which I signed immediately. From that moment on, silence. The recruiting people that would intitially contact me kept changing (it's been three different names so far), but they all stop replying my messages the moment I sign the contract.  Wiredly enough, the Upwork person who also contacted me to assist in the recruiting process, and that even created both times a group chat with the company's representatives, seems to behave like a bot: the second time she sent me exactly the same messages, with identical words and phrasing, as the time before, and indeed she ignored all my follow-up questions and didn't help me figure out this very peculiar behaviour from the client, neither here now via email. Some weeks ago, on this forum, another Upwork person reassured me by saying that the company is indeed legit and so are the people I was contacted by. But it happened again a few days ago: I was first being recruited and then ghosted... Anyone else on my situation?


You can talk to Upwork support they can reach out to your client..and you can try from LinkedIn also or that company mail 

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It sounds like you've encountered a frustrating situation with this company's recruitment process, and I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. While it's not uncommon for recruitment processes to have some delays or communication challenges, the repeated pattern of being recruited and then experiencing silence after signing the contract is concerning.

Here are a few steps you could consider taking to address the situation:

  1. Follow up persistently: Continue reaching out to the various contacts you've had at the company, expressing your concerns about the lack of communication and seeking clarity on the status of your contract and role. Be polite but firm in your communications, and emphasize your interest in moving forward with the opportunity.

  2. Reach out to Upwork support: If you're working with this company through Upwork, consider reaching out to Upwork's support team for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance or intervene on your behalf to facilitate communication with the company.

  3. Seek alternative contacts: If you're not making progress with the individuals who initially contacted you, try to identify other contacts within the company who may be able to provide insight or assistance. This could include HR representatives or other managers involved in the recruitment process.

  4. Consider your options: While it's important to pursue resolution with the company, it's also worth considering whether this opportunity is still worth pursuing given the lack of communication and reliability you've experienced. If you continue to encounter challenges, you may need to reassess whether this is the right fit for you.

  5. Seek feedback from others: Reach out to others who may have worked with this company or have experience with similar recruitment processes to see if they have any insights or advice to offer.

I have already done all of the steps suggested 😞

You can talk to Upwork support they can reach out to your client..and you can try from LinkedIn also or that company mail 

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