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I know this has been much discussed on the forum but...

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Can you please suggest if I can end a contract after the 14 days limit is over on a fixed price job after I get my payment since and the client is still not responding? Will that affect my job success score? Because the client has not been cooperative and has not even communicated to the review of the work. I had submitted the work almost 4-5 days before deadline so that I could make changes after his review. This kind of unprofessional attitude is really uncalled for. Why must it affect my job success score at all?!

I know where strength of my skills lie, and I wanted to provide the best to the client, but it seems the client will ask for some kind of revision on the 14th day which I simply won't be able to meet or leave the contract dormant forever, or maybe even dispute, I don't know

Why can't you people take action against such clients? Why must us freelancers suffer?

This is simply not fair.


I know the terms say fixed price jobs aren't garunteed. But well. I shouldn't have tried a new unreview guy. I know all that. But well, it just seems all a tad biit unfair.

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And the CS says:

"Regarding the Job Success Score, it might be affected if you end the contract without the knowledge of the client as the client will still have 14 days to leave a feedback about this job from the day the job was ended. We cannot guarantee that the client will give you a good feedback as the feedback is based on how the client will rate his experience with the freelancer about the work."


Seriously? So if I leave a message and wait for a few days and then end the contract it's still my fault? There ain't no inkling of logic to this!


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A suggestion, you should not put youself into the disputes. You should ask politely to your client and complete the task then never look back to that client.




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@ Weera.

He indicated that he has been trying to get in contact with the client. Even a good freelancer will undoubtedly have this problem regardless of how professional you are with the client.

The responsibility of the freelancer to get the client to close the job and write a feedback need to be relieved. Or CS needs to step in and do the right thing. Speaking from experience it is extremely frustrating - and undoubtedly I am not a poor freelancer.
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