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I'm 100% back with Upwork. Any tips for a re-entrant?

I got involved in a car accident in January 2019, I couldn't make use of my right upper limb all through 2019. However within that period, I started a creative agency, and though I'm doing quite well, I'd love to get back into freelancing now that I have all the time in the world doing nothing in my office.

Any tips to get back from where I left off? I noticed so much has changed over the last couple of months, major upgrades have been implemented in the mobile app as well.


I'm happy to be here once again, although my account is currently set to private, and also I've applied for two jobs but no response yet from both clients.


Hi Joseph,


Welcome back! I would suggest you check out the Announcements section of the Community to get up to speed with the latest changes. I've reset your profile visibility back to public. 

For help gettings started check out our Events & Webinars as well as our Freelancing Resources and Getting Started on Upwork thread.


If you have any questions please let us know!

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