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I'm a new top-rated and I cant have a live chat with the support team

As a top-rated, I should get live chat support to contact customer support and all I get is the email chat support 

How I can have a live chat with the support?




Hi Ahmed,


I checked your account and see that one of our agents has replied to your ticket regarding the same concern. The agent has provided you with more information about this and you can check it here

~ Joanne

Thanks for replying to me

I think the agent support was unable to solve this issue 

I tried again with the bot tried 3x times to ask and all I get is "Ask us to contact you "

and that goes to the email support, not to a live chat 

so tried to ask here maybe someone can help me 

Below is the agent's reply





Hi Ahmed,


Thanks for following up here. Please follow up on the ticket you have so that the agent assisting you can look into this further. Please share the details of your experience for reference. 

~ Joanne
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