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I'm a top rated freelancer on Upwork but I still don't get any work.

I'm a top-rated freelancer motion designer on Upwork. I know my work, and I'm good at it. But I don't get any jobs on Upwork. Can you guys please give me some advice? Something I should do to get more clients, or something I shouldn't do.


In case you're wondering, if I don't have any work, then how did I become top-rated. I have one regular client from whom I earn $30 per week. I occasionally get new clients, they get what they ask for, leave a good rating and almost all of them promised that they'll be back for more work, but they never come. 


I make probably $150 per month, which is very low for a motion designer. So please help.


Hi Usama,


I know that you are looking to consistently win jobs. We can't always guarantee that you will win every job you applied to as this decision is up to the client. We'd like to emphasize though that having a complete and up-to-date profile is one of the ways to get noticed by clients. I'd like to share the following resources that you might find helpful:


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4 Ways to Create a More Successful Freelancer Portfolio

10 Upwork Profile Examples That Will Help You Get Clients

How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2021

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How to Write a Cover Letter


You can find more helpful resources here.



~ Joanne
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Dear Usama

Keep trying; I think the market is just packed full of freelancers. May be try to aim at appllying for up to ten jobs a day and if you don't have success with any just carry on and apply for another ten the next day. And each day don't care whether you were successful or not, don't think about it, just keep on going. To be honest for jobs where there are over 50 applicants or around that mark, I have stopped applying, however, this depends on the job. 

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