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I'm asked to sign a contract apart from UpWork

Hi there!

A client has asked me to sign a contract. I can't necessarily find anything in the contract that I disagree with, but I'm hesitant to sign because I want to be able to cancel this assignment any time (it's ongoing with new material coming my way from time to time).

I'm not really sure why this client needs me to sign this agreement as I expect most things would be covered through UpWork anyway.

Has anyone else ever done something like this or have any advice?


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Hi Stella,


Is it a Non Disclosure agreement? 

Not necessarily - there's an element of "non disclosure" in there, but 98% of it is about other stuff.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Stella,


Other users will follow up soon to share their experience but I just wanted to clarify that the terms agreed in a complementary agreement supersede Upwork ToS, like copyright of the work you provide etc, so make sure you closely review all the details before proceeding with signing the NDA. 

~ Vladimir
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