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I'm beginning to think Upwork is churnning me...

I've been on upwork for about 18 months, I think.  My Job Success score is 100%, my profile is 100% filled out and I've made a small amount of money over the last year.  All of that being said, let me explain why I'm getting this feeling.  In the last month I've sent in 29 proposals.  I don't send out generic proposals.  I apply only to jobs that I think are very focused on the service I provide, and I'm almost never the highest bid, usually I bid close to the average.   About half of those proposals I've made with boosts.  And I rarely bid on a job that has more than 15 or 20 applicants already in an effort to not get lost in the sea and I only typically bid on jobs that have been posted within the last 3 days. 

The results?  7 proposals were viewed and 3 invites were made.  That basically means that more than 75% of the time employers don't even bother to look at my proposals.  And the 3 invites?  One asked me to contact them via Messinger and the other one I received a message to contact them offline then the posting was deleted.  In the latter case I think I received my connects back.  What's more, of the 8 jobs I've bid for in the last week, 3 are closed - including 2 from just yesterday and 2 were withdrawn. 

All of this to say, I'm beginning to think Upwork may be just churning posts so that we spend money on connects.  I could be wrong and I hope I am, because the jobs I've had via UW have been fun, but the numbers don't seem to add up.  Am I missing something?

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Upwork changed 2 years ago. It is gambling platform with lot of fakes and scam. Not your fault and you cannot fix that, sorry.

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