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I'm concerned that a client could be taking advantage of the fixed price review system

On February 12th, I submitted an 800-word piece of work for review.

I heard back from the client three days later, Monday 15th - I was told: "the work would be reviewed in a few days." One week later, on the 22nd, the client uses the request an edit feature to gain more time, and I receive the message, "we are still reviewing and will get back to you this week," which was four days ago.

Now, I'm not saying I know this is odd behavior, but my gut tells me something is wrong, and my head is saying, be patient.


Of course, I have reached out to the client asking for an update and suggesting that edits are part of the process; but no response is given.


What are your thoughts? Should the 14-day review time be reduced to something relevant to a task and agreed upon by the two parties?

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yeah that's annoying and not what the button is for. Depending on the client, I'd either give them a few days or click it again and tell them it's not what the button is for.

That's a good point, Jennifer; I'll give them until the end of the day Friday and then send across the work again.

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