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I'm not getting any response from oDesk support, why ?

I was supposed to contact oDesk support team for initiating my profile review process and I did the same; but I haven't got any acknowledgement from them. It's happening first time. Is it possible that complete oDesk support team is busy ??


What to do now ??



Do not take this personally.


Something systemic is wrong with customer support right now, and it is currently taking anywhere from many days to more than a month for these types of requests to be acknowledged, if the request is ever acknowledged at all.


This is not the fault of any specific individual working for customer support, but is a problem caused by a either a software glitch and/or a staffing problem.


(I do not work for oDesk and I do not have direct access to the back-end source code, so I can not precisely identify the cause of the delay or derailed process.)


Sometimes individual oDesk contractors have found relief from this problem by posting word of their plight here in the Community Forum, which has allowed oDesk Forum moderators to directly intervene and at least get their request put onto the customer support queue. But for the most part, oDesk contractors requesting support for these types of situations (and other situations as well) by creating a ticket using the Customer Support page are currently finding themselves in limbo, with no predictable end to their wait.


I can't bid on new jobs because of review process and now I am even not getting any acknowledgement from oDesk support team.

My profile is https://www.odesk.com/users/~011920e2bc62a5b92f
I am having 4.9+ rating and still I have stuck in this situation. I need help, but God and oDesk support team both are busy. 😞 

Rahul, we discussed this topic at some length here.


Same here. They have limited my financial transaction and I have sent an email response a few days ago. I'm still not getting any response from them.