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I'm not getting hired please help me!

Hi there!

I'm new to Upwork, started applying jobs for Customers/Technical/VA jobs. However I'm not being hired, I don't know what is the reason.

I'm being online always and applying to the relevant job which suits my profile.

Kindly help me!
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Sometimes it just takes a while to get your first client. While I'm not familiar with your area, sometimes there are jobs that say newer to Upwork or whatever in the title, and those pay very little, but are great to just get some feedback, and traction and get your more familiar with the pitching aspect. 


Good luck! I'm sure you'll get there! Just keep trying. I send out at least 10-15 proposals for every 1 job I land sometimes, but my area is writing and editing. 

Thank you for replying, I did everything from making changes to cover letter but still I am not getting any lead 😞 

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