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I'm open to to work as 3D designer. How I can connect to agency?

I'm 3D designer with 13 years of experience.
Since 2012 I work on Upwork (it was oDesk that time). Have a lot of successfully comleted project and more than 1.5k paided hours. And a lot of fixed price project
For the moment of the post my "Job Success" score is 100%.
To be clear, Upwork is my main work and the main source of income.
I love my job, love my projects.
And I want to be better and better.
But I spend a part of my work time for project managing - project finding, conversations with customers and etc.
So now a want to start working with agencies. I believe, this cooperation will be very useful for both sides.
Colud you, please, help me to know, how can I achieve this goal?
I see a lot of interesting agencies, but have no any idea, how I can contact them.


Valentine C wrote:

So now a want to start working with agencies.

I really don't understand why you would want to do that, get hired less (many clients will not hire agency freelancers) and paid less for your work (agency taking a chunk) and give up all payment protection (the agency gets paid, whether they pay you, when and how is up to them...)

Let me explain
As I said, I work on Upwork during last 7 years. And it is my main income source.
And never, NEVER, I did not find myself in a similar situation like now. Even on start I had 1 project per week minimum. After I got more and bigger.
I sure my experience and abilities aren't getting worse, of cource, but during last 3 month I've got 2 very small projects only. I only paying, paying and paying for these "connects". I lose time and money.
Last updates kill the servece. The managers think about their pocket only, not about freelacers and clients! Now I want to go out from Upwork and close my account.
But, I ready to give to the service last chance and try to work with agency.In case of this experience will be negative also, I will go out.