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I'm unable to enable to change feedback (whereas I'm supposed to be!)

Good evening to all, 


A client has ended his contract with no-billed hours -but he had set a weekly retainer, which was the reason why he ended as he found that didn't work for him- and now I have this ugly "No feedback given" on my profile and the worst part is that I'm unable to enable him to change his feedback (or, to be more accurately, leave me some feedback as there isn't any). The contract was ended on Aug 24, that's 8 days ago. 


I really don't want that to be seen publically as the last contract that I've worked on and most importantly, I'm worried that it might affect my job success score. 


Essentially this has very little to do with me, it was the client's decision to end the contract abruptly, as his weekly retainer choice wasn't satisfying him and our cooperation has been very good but now I'm stuck with this awkward no feedback thing. 




Client feedback is now displayed on your profile.

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The reason you have "no feedback given" is because you didn't leave feedback for the client yet.


Feedback is double blind, so until you leave feedback, you can't see the feedback left by your client.


Apart from that, the occasional "No feedback left" contract has no effect on anything and doesn't hurt you in any way.

I left him feedback and it was exactly when I did that appeared on my profile. 


Either way, you informing me that this won't have any impact on me is very reassuring, much appreciated Petra. 



Client feedback is now displayed on your profile.

Yes it has, he replied to my request to do so. 

Thank you. 

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