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I made wrong manual added hourly to the job

Hello everyone.
I made proposal on a job and client accept it. The job was hourly. I did the job in a very short time and i didn't tracked my process. Then i asked client what shoild i do? Between the time that i asked an he replied i did something with manual hourly. The he said I'm going to make a fixed price job and sent you invitation. I accept that.
But now, i gave him the job both of us satisfied with this. The problem is that hourly job is billed. We want to cancel that
I can't. There's no option for that. What should i do?
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Community Manager

Hi Esmail,


Unfortunately, if the job's been closed, you won't be able to remove screenshots from the Work Diary. You can either issue a refund to the client once the invoice is processed or the client can file a dispute and get a refund of manually entered time. Please, communicate with the client and possibly you can come to an agreement to keep the hourly payment instead of refunding it and paying via a separate fixed-price contract.

~ Valeria
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