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I met the requirements of rising talent badge and I didn't get it till now

I've done all from below requirements from a long time


1.  Pass the Upwork Readiness Test

2.  Complete your projects on time and as promised

3.  Maintain a 100% complete profile that accurately showcases your skills

4.  Keep your availability status up-to-date

5.  Regularly submit proposals to projects that match your skill set

6.  Adhere to the Upwork Terms of Service

7.  Have been active in the past 90 days or joined in the past 30 days


Why I didn't get it till now?


Hi Mohamed,


Thank you for reaching out. We admire your eagerness to get the Rising Talent Badge. However, please note that it's assigned automatically when a freelancer meets the requirements listed in this help article. This process is working as designed, and we can't specify a reason why a freelancer isn't eligible to receive the Rising Talent badge. Once you qualify, you should receive a notification letting you know. Keep up the excellent work!


~ Arjay
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