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I need Advice

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Chester O Member Since: Jun 29, 2020
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Hello, so I am still new to this platform. Kept doing my best to get great reviews and work. Unfortunately I applied for a job which the client only stated that he needed his video split between him and the visitor he was with on his show for 10$. The pay was very poor but I accepted because it was just to split the video. Client wasn't able to fund money on escrow, so he asked till the next day which I said fine. I accepted to download the video he sent to make the work faster, but refused to work unless he funds the account. Client funded the 10usd in the morning and asked me for a sample, I told him I don't have anything and can only start work now he has deposited the money, he got mad cancelled the contract, gave me 5$ and requested a refund of 5$ and gave me 4.3 stars!! How can he rate me bad when he never evaluated my skills or did he see my job. I tried to reason with him and he agreed again. Taking advantage of me being new that he would review the rating given and give me a better one. I am still new and don't want any issue. Client started sending difficult task with so much small amount. Client wanted me to animate the text from his YouTube live video. Which was very difficult. But still accepted. Fast forward after I sent the video, client said I should take off the live chat that it wasn't clear. With so many things which was never even my fault. The project never stated I needed to animate text line by line in a 1hour video. I worked for hours without sleeping and client claims I didn't animate the text according to the exact timing of the live chat!!!!.I am having double mind to dispute this money. Also, if I refund the 5$ initial money he sent to me, will the review he gave me go off? Also will it affect my Jss score?
Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Onah,


I'm sorry to hear that. In the future, it is always best to only accept the contract and start working when you have clear information about the job, and that you have all details you need to complete it. This way, you can be sure that you are available to do the task and that you can deliver what the client is asking for. Contract without earnings does have an effect on your JSS. This help article gives a detailed overview of how JSS is calculated and what may cause changes in the score when it updates. I also encourage you to check this announcement with information about the recent update to JSS calculation.

~ Joanne