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I need advice - two cases

Day by day i realize Upwork become to be very strange place for work (  How i miss Elance ) . Look like they trying  to drive programmers actually work instead of facilitating our work. Has different minor problems that accumulate as proved difficult place to work. Unpleasant thing is I invest lot of time and money in good feedback and reputation that I do not want to lose.


I need advice. 

   - I have project with two milesotones - both are completed  , Client delay appove milestone 1 .   Upwork do not allow me to submit second milestone if first one is not approved.    I have bonus if I deliver work faster then deadline.  Now look as i cannot submit what i did , because need to wait apprival.  Very strange , don't you think.  In modern development process  "waterfall model" development ( milestone after milestone ) is not often used practice, especially for small projects as more proejcts here.T hat is something in Elance is well done well - just can submit any milestone in any time if project is open. 


    - Other case  ... I submit work month ago and send project for approval to the client. all is funded , looks good  ... but client  do not approve it and do not respond ( Hi message me 1 time every week as "i have other projects , not time to review ...." ).  What can I do to take my money , I hardly work for them ? Just to wait ?


 my sad conclusion is - programmer cannot do nothing in current Upwork , just to pay huge taxes and pray. And if is lucky to work with good clients. What can i expect now. Probabbly in time i will take my money , but because i "push" client to review and close  already completed tasks , client will angry to me and will give  terrible feedback.


 what are  good practice in  these cases. I really need advice how to proceed in this cases. good practice are welcome.




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Hi Emil,


In the first case, I'd simply write a friendly message to the client saying that the next part is ready to be submitted, but due to the Upwork milestone structure can't be submitted unless the previous milestone has been approved. Basically, the client needs to decide whether they want part 2 urgently - if they do, they'll have to take the time to review part 1 and release the milestone.


I don't understand the 2nd case because if you submitted the milestone through the "submit work/get paid" button, it should have gotten auto-approved after 14 days?