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I need advice...

Can anybody help me with advice?
The matter is that some time I worked on the order of the client
and periodically sent him intermediate results in the form of images
and drawings of the desired device.
In response, he always sent "Excellent ...
                                                   Great ...
                                                   Perfect ...
                                                   It looks good ... "
or proposed me to change something.
But one day the communication stopped and the client no longer answers.
The order was with hourly pay.
I have so far a little experience on Upwork and for the first time encountered this phenomenon.
Please advise what to do in this case.
Best regards,



If you tracked your time there's not really a problem as you get paid automatically for the hours you worked.


Thank you, Petra
... and how to finish it all?


Hi Volodymyr,


Sorry to hear that. Please send me a PM with the client's name so I can check this for you. Thanks!

~ Joanne

Hello Joanne,


I wrote in a private message
Best regards,

Hi Volodymyr,


On an hourly contract, you log hours and the client is automatically billed for them, just like you did. Please note that by adding hours manually they do not qualify for payment protection. We suggest communicating about manual hours with your client. You can still communicate with your client and attempt to resolve the situation amicably. Please learn about Hourly Payment Protection and weekly billing cycle. Let us know if you need further assistance. We're here to help.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,
I no longer hope to receive any reward from the client.
I just want to get out of this situation without damage to my rating ...
Best regards,

If a client doesn't respond any longer, you can either leave the contract open indefinitely or close it yourself. 

If you close the contract, the client may or may not leave feedback. 

There is little you can do to prevent any impact to your JSS caused by either closing the contract or leaving it open. Many freelancers advise timing the closure carefully.  


The occasional unresponsive client and the effect of those clients on one's JSS is one of the risks of using the Upwork platform. How significant the impact will be depends on many other factors.  


 Perhaps a mod can weigh in, since this is an hourly contract, will Upwork automatically pause it after a specific number of days have passed and if so, what is the JSS impact of a paused contract?