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I need my connects back for inaccurate job description

I applied for this job as they wanted help to find influencers but after a while it turns out that they want me to be an influencer: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


They should have put that in the job description as I would not have submitted any proposal. They were not vague but very specific that they are looking for help to find influencers: 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Does anyone else have these types of problems and how are they solved? I really cant see why Upwork would let these guys continue posting more jobs after this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Johan,


I'm sorry about your experience with this job post. I checked the job in question and can see how the description can be understood in two different contexts but do see the client stated they are looking for influencers, both in the job title and description. While I do see how one segment of another line they used can possibly create confusion, I can confirm their job post isn't in violation of Upwork TOS.


Thank you for sharing your experience in the Community, we are dedicated to helping clients post as much relevant information in their job post as possible, as well as requirements and experience freelancers they are looking for should possess.

~ Vladimir
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This is absolutely terrible! There is no way it can be understood in any other way than that they are looking for one person to find multiple influencers. They are using plural (influencers) but will only hire one person. This is proof that they want to hire one person to find multiple influencers for them.


This IS in breach of your terms.

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