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I need serious support

Hello everyone,
On Upwork since the merger of Odesk and Elance. Before that I worked for two years through Elance and I got an offer to switch to the Upwork platform. Many years have passed since then, but I'm not satisfied, I can't get serious jobs (and I can do anything you want) and the status that belongs to me after 21 years of work in Graphic Design and my very large experience. I was looking at the statistics yesterday and I was shocked that my success rate for getting a new job is only about 2.2%, which is disappointing. Can someone advise me how to work more, how to approach clients? I apply every day and look at the offers. Many businesses close after a few days without even starting.

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A lot has changed since Odesk gone. It's not your problem. You have nice profile, good feedbacks, reliable rate. Most people have been experiencing this lately.

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