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Re: I need some advice

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Joy B Member Since: Mar 11, 2015
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So here's the story:


I turned in work last night. I was pretty happy with it. The project was fun and I got to learn a ton of info. This morning I get a message from this client's assistant (a mass message that was sent to more than just me - I'm guessing that it's to other freelancers that this client is working with) that tells me that a section of  my project didn't pass copyscape. Then when I open the document, it's not even the text that I sent in. So not only did he accuse me of plagerism, he sent this announcement to a group of people. 


When I tried to reply to this mass message to tell him (and everyone in the message) that he didn't send me my own work, there was an error message - like it had been deleted and now I can't clear my name with these people. *sigh* I got the same message from the client so I replied to that one and told him that they're asking me to rewrite something that I hadn't originally written in the first place. He hasn't gotten back to me yet.


I'm so irrate at the situation and I feel like this is how you get your name slandered. Is there anything I can do other than just brushing this off?

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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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That is a really strange situation, Jen. Did the message name you? Could it be that it was sent to a wrong person / about a wrong person? 


Hopefully it is just a mistake and when it gets sorted, you can politely ask your client to clear your name with the other possible people that got the message. 


In case it is not, then surely it can be proven that the part of the text they are talking about was not in the file you've sent them. 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Joy, the client is either a scammer or a person whose assistant made a mistake. Do NOT SPEND A LOT of time on this.


Send ONE polite message to the client through Upwork messaging. No more than two sentences in length.


And then you are done.


If this is a fixed-length contract, be sure you submitted the work using the correct Submit Milestone button.


Do NOT do additional work for them until you see money in your account from them. Do not respond to anything that suggests you sent plagiarized work unless they are aplogizing or sending you money.


Come back and tell us how the story ends.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Wow that sucks, Joy. I was accused of plagiarism once when a client asked me to add to existing content. Well, that content was plagiarised and mine wasn't. Instead of confronting me first, he flipped the dispute switch and basically yelled at me in the work room that I was a scam and I know what I did wrong.


I probably felt the same way you do -- my reaction: WAT??????


So, take a breather, think about what you say and reply politely even if they don't deserve it. In my case, the customer apologized, dropped the dispute, and we moved on. The job was a nightmare anyway, but that's another story. lol


Reply politely, point out in a very direct way that he's made a mistake. Write it in a way that you're explaining it well in case it turns into a dispute. It might be just a mistake and he'll reverse it and apologize.


Make sure you cool off before you reply! That's the beauty of the platform!