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I need some advice.

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Kawsar S Member Since: Mar 13, 2016
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Hi Daniel,


You can continue with the client. Just for your own safety, do not provide the information you feel unsafe for you. You may win more jobs in future without providing that information.


Good luck.




Kawsar Siddik
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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What you said about your English in your questionnaire is absolutely beside the the point. ButI would certainly wait to hear from CS before continuing.


What I find odd is the PayPal question.  Nobody needs to know what someone's PayPal account is, as payment is done via email. If I wanted to send you money, all I would have to do is to send if from my PayPal account via the email you use on PayPal. I wouldn't have to know the details of your account


In itself, a questionnaire is not suspicious, but It would certainly make me wonder if the client wouldn't try to get me to work off site.


I recently bid on a translating job, and the client came back to me and told me in fact they didn't have an opening, but asked me to fill in a questionnaire. It was a language agency, and a respected one (I think). I didn't have the time that day to fill it in and she cancelled the offer and presumably was no longer interested in my completing the questionnaire. This client has a good Upwork record, but I wonder (and it is sheer speculation) if for one freelancer paid on site, she doesn't scoop another few into her own network. 



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I am sure that this job offer is from one of the famous translation farmers: Either they pay very, very bad, ask for free work, pay a few freelancers on Upwork and most of them offside, hire completely offside and spam the platform nearly every day with their job offers with now hires or are completely scammers who never will pay or only will empty your bank account. Asking for paypal data is a serious alarm signal.

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Echoing Nichola ... "What you said about your English in your questionnaire is absolutely beside the the point."