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I need some feedback on no activity on my profile



My profile is according UpWork criteria prepared 100% good with all the necessary stuff that shows i have all the required skills to do the work i apply for. I have all the details, i am verified and i am trustworthy person with some very good reviews by past clients. The only question mark is the 92% JSS while i have had always 99.99% good response. But that is not why i am here for. 

I am here for because i have two contracts that are on pause, and at least for one of them i know the client has put an request that the job can continue but it hasn't yet. For some month or so the job is still paused and i cannot put the manual hours i have worked on. My client said they wrote an email for that to be solved. But nothing of that yet. Unless they lied to me, but i am not thinking that's the case.

And what is happening is i believe not out of nowhere just like that for i think there is now something more going on with my profile because in the same time for month or so, although i have applied to over 50 jobs i barely got response from only one and all of them were by any means and doubts perfect for me and i was perfectly capable of doing them at great mutual price for both clients i believe, but still nothing of that in these two months as i struggle to get someone to write me, not to mention to get a project. I have seen on this community that also other people have had issues with these stuff that for some unknown reason, people are not searching for them that often, they dont get job that often, etc. 

Can someone tell me just why might be the problem regarding paused contract or why i have so hard time on getting a project which wasnt the case before although i had even less reviews and less models to show off? 

Thank you 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Dusko,

Freelancers in the search results are showed on a rotating basis so that everyone has a fair chance to be discovered. For the job that you have applied, it`s up to the clients who are doing the screening/interview and hiring process.

Keep in mind that manual time is not protected under our Upwork Hourly Protection
You can also change the visibility on your profile to public and not Upwork users only, so that our community members can review your profile and share their thoughts. Thank you!

~ Goran

Thank you Goran first of all on your reply. 

I have set my profile to private i.e. only allowed for UpWork users, so to target only UpWork customers and people who are serious in their intentions and protect myself. If it means no UpWork clients can see me then i will 100% change it. 

Regarding the manual hours of work i am aware it is not protected. Anyway i just want it to be known so, weather i will be paid or not after i put my manual hours of work i am not worried. But the thing is not that, i cannot even do that because the contract is on pause although the client has said three weeks ago they wrote for it to be unpaused. 

So all things combined i am afraid something might be going on in behind that i dont understand that causes these things. I am only wondering and have lack of informations hence why i ask, because i dont see any other reason why it hasnt been unpaused, unless i am lied to or there is something else that i am also unaware like for example - the client is not eligible to continue my work - so i can know how to take my stand with the client and work this out. I would really like to get some feedback on it. 

Hi Dusko,

Feel free to send me the Contract ID via PM or connect with our customer support, so that we can check the contract and assist you further. Thank you!

~ Goran
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