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I need some help

 Hey ! 

Im quite new here and would like some help. Is there anyone willing to help me out and be like a mentor ? Thank you for your time.


All freelancers are self-employed and don't really have time to mentor someone.  


That being said, I suggest you read all the informative articles, the TOS, and watch the videos of the webinars.  Your profile needs to focus on what you CAN do for the client, not what you want to do.  You really don't have a lot of experience and that will hamper your getting contracts.  You might want to get some more real world experience before you try Upwork.  When clients come to Upwork to hire, they are looking for experienced professionals.


Given your location and access to people, I would start learning how to manage social media accounts. Marketers want young, influential voices. You will have to show initiative and make a name for yourself. Spend your time studying the jobs you want to have and learn how the best of the best do it. 

: )

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gabriela, 

Check out some of our educational videos and blog posts, and best practices shared by other users, to help you get started on Upwork


Welcome to Upwork!

~ Avery

Gabriela, you will generally find that when you have questions, there are several experienced freelancers in the forums who will be happy to answer them or offer advice/opinions.


One thing I would suggest initially is that you focus in on a specific service that you want to offer. Many new freelancers think that being open to multiple possibilities will help them land jobs by broadening the field and appearing flexible, but being too open to any sort of task actually creates a negative impression--it gives the idea that you're not really especially good at any particular thing and are just looking for the fastest way to make money.


You can ask questions here in the Forum.


You don't need a mentor.

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