I provided more than 75% of the work and client requested return

I already provided mare than 75% of the work and client requested return of all the money HOW COULD THAT BE The design provided is unprofessional respecting non of measurements or land boundaries and he request to fit something impossible to be fitted I started work and made my best to fit as much as possible but it took much more time than expected and when I asked the client to solve some of the problems appeared during working he ended the contract and requested money return after i worked more than 10 hours HOW COULD THAT BE

It's hard to answer you as I hear only one part of the story/problem.


My best advice to you is to negotiate some sort of financial arrangement that is agreeable to both of you. Maybe payment of part of the money for the work you Did do, whether you correctly fulfilled your part of the contract or not.  You should have also communicated with the client and sent partial samples of the work you were doing and the problems you were having before you finished the entire job. And the client, should have stopped the contact at the point where they thought that you weren't skilled enough instead of letting the job go to the very end.