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I really wish

Upwork was more proactive about (well) everything but especially about these job posts!


I just saw one where the client was requesting people to submit a 600-700 word sample test and people might actually be doing this :(...6 proposals so far.


"Please, note that this sample test isn't just to check your skills but it's a real document that will really be sent out to the required person, therefore, in case I like your test and we star working it WILL BE PAID. "


😞 yes, I flagged the job. A whole bunch of 'free' essays!


Snapshot: NEW client, 5 jobs posted, 0% hire rate, joined September 16.





Hello Maliki,


maybe some freelancers do not even WANT to earn money? How the heck do I know how their mind works?               I had a guy who wanted about 3-4k words of a WWII German Army diary translated as a sample, I sent him/her a respective letter and cancelled the interview notice from my page. 

Serious clients might want 30-50 words translated for free at the most. If I can see that it is part of a bigger text I normally concur, if it looks like a stand-alone text I don't. Anything bigger, I request a job order on Upwork and only then do I work what the client asks for. 

It is the same as with some freelancers working for a miserable remuneration of $0.002/word, let them. Maybe they are bionic and do not need to buy food for their system!


Have a beautiful day


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