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I receive fake jobs from confirmed verified upwork clients, is that normal ?



I am new freelancer on this platform. I started 3 months ago. However, recently, I noticed that confirmed clients, who have been using upwork for quite long time, bother me in a very weird way: they contact me, we discuss together, they tell me that they will send me documents or whatever, they behave like they made their decision and they will hire me, but then they just disappear without any justification. I do not understand why. I do even some time let them choose the price and deadline they want, but it does not make any difference. I already heard about spammers who are new clients, and waste time of freelancers. But I find it very strange to have confirmed clients behave in the same way. 

Do you find this normal ? Have you ever encountred such clients ?


thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rokia,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the clients you mentioned communicating with. You can check in the client details section and in some cases in the activity on this job section on the job post page if a client hired a freelancer for the job/s they posted. 


Also, just to confirm, by "confirmed clients" are you referring to clients who verified their billing method or to the ones who have a hiring and payment history on Upwork?

Please check these safety tips and report if you receive any of the offers mentioned in the thread, which are in violation of Upwork ToS. I also strongly recommend going through these resources, in order to understand how to use Upwork, set and discuss rate/budget and other job terms with prospective clients, and increase your chances of winning a contract. 

~ Vladimir

Hello Vladimir,


thank you for your reply.


Yes, indeed, I follow the jobs that I have been invited or applied  to so to evaluate the seriousnouss of those clients. And I indeed think that it is not a normal behavior. Because those clients have a hiring and payment history on Upwork, but they do not have so far any project that is related to my skillsets. Most of the time, they do not hire any one for that project, or sometime they tell me that they want to complete the project within one week for instance, but they do not apply this if they hire another freelancer. Also, sometimes, they do not give any detail about the project, and they insist on that I give them a price for the project. And finally, sometimes, they just waste my time discussing and asking questions, and then they say they will send me documents and then they disappear. I beleive that this is done on purpose, I do not know if you have access to messages and can verify that, because it is just stressful to waste time with clients that make a monkey out of you!


thank you


I have been on Upwork for about 5 years & unfortuantely, it's a very common thing. I think some prospective clients (especially "new to Upwork") clients use this site as a tool to hagle with designers they already have. I get about 15 a month that I never hear back from after being invited to interview, even when I respond immediately. 


best regards,


which I find it particular in my case, and do not know if it is the case for others too, is that those clients have a long history on upwork. So they post jobs on this platform because they are looking for freelancers. But when I look to their history of jobs, the job that they invited me to is totally different from what they are used to post.



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