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I received invitation on interview, but can't to accept,i logged but i got message "You

I  received  invitation  on  interview, but  can't  to  accept,i   logged but  i  got  message  "You are not authorized to access this page"

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Maybe the invitaion was cancelled by the client after sending it to you. Or job cancelled.


Thanks  Mensan.

may  be  you  right, 

i  received  3  different  invitation  and  cant  to  accept  it,  always "You are not authorized to access this page."

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alexey,


I checked and the only invite I see is the one you received and accepted a year ago. Can you please go to Proposals > Archived and confirm that's the invite you're referring to?

~ Vladimir

Hi  Vladimir, thanks  for  answer.


i  have  a  lot of   invitation  on  my  mail( **Edited for Community Guidelines**),  but  really  on  Proposals > Archived  no  invitations

You haven‘t worked on Upwork in 3 years.... Are those ancient invites? They expire after a few days. Clients don‘t wait for months for a response....

last invitation  13.01.2018

@alexey k wrote:

last invitation  13.01.2018

Yeah, and when you have two accounts (which is a serious policy violation) you can not access invitations received on one account from the other... 

I  dont have multiple accounts. I changed my email some years ago, and after that i changed email on my upwork account. after that begin issues  with  invitations

OK, in that case the way to get to your invites is to go to your actual Upwork account. Log in.

Go to Find Work > Proposals

You will find any active (not withdrawn, cancelled, expired) invites underneath Offers and Active Candidacies.

Hi Alexey,


I checked and it appears you have created more than one account which is probably the reason for the confusion, our team will follow up with you directly soon to clarify our ToS and share more information.

~ Vladimir
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