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I received my rising talent badge despite havinng 200$+ earnings and 8 jobs.

Hello Upwork Team,


I haven't received my Upwork rising talent badge yet despite having 200$+ earnings and 8 jobs. This is frustrating and demotivating because I am working on this platform since November 2019. Kindly reward me with the rising talent badge so I can continue working on your platform.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Waleed,


Rising Talent program is designed for freelancers who don't have their Job Success Score yet. Since you have received your Job Success Score, you can start working toward receiving the Top Rated badge.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

How will I get that or when?

Waleed Q wrote:

How will I get that or when?

No way, and never.


You have a Job Success Score (an incredibly low one), so you don't qualify for Rising Talent status or any other badge.


You want to make some changes to your profile. Correct your "English proficiency" to something more realistic than "native" and delete that horrendous profile video. The audio quality is utterly horrific (background noise) and your accent is so thick that it's virtually impossible to make out what you are trying to say. "No profile video" is much better than a terribly bad one. Yours is terribly bad,


Rethink offering writing services in English. You don't have the necessary skills which is what causes your poor (private) feedback.


What If I Improve my JSS?

Waleed Q wrote:

What If I Improve my JSS?

Then you'll have a better JSS, which you really need because at the moment it is horrific. 


You won't get a Rising Talent status though.

If you manage to get your JSS above 90% and keep it there for 13 weeks, you'd qualify for Top Rated status.

Why is my JSS so low? I have lots of positive feedback on my profile.

Waleed Q wrote:

Why is my JSS so low?

Because your clients rate you very poorly.





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