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I see the client's review, but not *mine*.



My client ended the contract & left feedback for me.  2-3 hours hours after I was notified by Upwork, I wrote feedback for him too. 

His feedback is posted on my profile, but my feedback to him is not shown on my profile.

What would be the reason?


P.S. It is very strange I can see my feedback to him in the client history of his job posting. But again, not on my profile. 

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Hi Shiva,


On your upwork profile under 'Work history' section you are supposed to only see feedbacks from your clients. When you click on one of the projects it opens a popup with additional info and there you can see feedback you left for the client.
Another way to reach this page is to go to menu My Jobs > All contracts > Choose one of the contracts > Details tab.

Hope this helps

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Hi Bojan,


Thank you so much for your help!


Yes, both of them work.

But I see on some other freelancer's pages that after the client's feedback, it shows the freelancer's feedback & it is mentioned as "Freelancer's Response". So how is that displayed?


I think it is important that my response/feedback also be displayed on my page.



Hi Shiva,


Thank you for your message. I can see the feedback for the last completed contract on your Upwork public profile. Could you please try again after clearing Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


Thank you,



Hi Paradeep,


Thank you for your response!


Yes, I can see it. But I do not see my own feedback to the client.

However, I see in other freelancers' profiles that the freelancers' feedback is also shown.


No, not how this works.

On your profile, you ONLY see the feedback the client gave you. On the client's history, you can ONLY see the feedback you left for the client. 

What you are referring to is freelancers ANSWERING to the client's feedback, which is a completely separate step.

Some do that to defend themselves against bad feedback, some to thank the client for good feedback. 

My advice to you: don't do either. You want a nice crisp clean profile, with only your (always excellent, hopefully) client feedback showing, so propective clients don't have to go through fluff when they evaluate your profile.  

Thanks so much, Martina!

It is very clear now.

And great advice! Thank you!

I am a fresher here, so I didn't know if the display of my response on my profile is important or not.


I dislike it. When freelancers respond to positive feedback, it just tells me they have too much time on their hands, and if the feedback is bad, it looks petty and is definitely not something a potential client will enjoy reading. 

Congrats on your great start, BTW!

Yes, that makes sense. 


Ahh Thank you! It made me happy. 

A feedback to a client and a response to a client's feedback are 2 different things. A feedback to a client will appear on the client's account, and a response to a client's feedback (optional) will appear on the freelancer's account.

Thank you so much! 

I now understand what has happened. 

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