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I spent all my connects for fake proposal

Lately, on Upwork there are many fake offers asking to work out Upwork. Moreover, they seem deceptive and not very untrusty.
I spent all my connects to receive Telegram invitations that propose what in my opinion are scams.
Does that happen to you?
Is there a way to be reimbursed for the spent connects?
Thank you in advance for the kind answers,

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Yes, in a way. Answer the scammer with any text you like. When replying to a message that comes after a proposal, you will get 10 connects back. Then, flag the client's message. Sharing contact information is not allowed before a contract is in place. Keep in mind that you violated that clause of the ToS, too.


After you've done that, read the ToS. If you do, you will find it easier to detect scammers and you will prevent a potential suspension of your account. Then, read this post about scammer red flags.

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Don't apply to jobs with Telegram. 

If upwork takes the posting down, you will get your connects back. 

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Dear Marc, dear Martina, thank you!
Unfortunately, the fakes are often discovered only after I have applied.. I practically can’t work anymore, 99% of the proposals turn out to be scams.
I deal mainly with translations, does anyone experience the same problem?

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Lately, in Upwork there are only scams for translation tasks. Please, do something.

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Upwork is losing credibility

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I know that they are working hard to rebuild it.

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Dear Peter, it'a happened again!

I have bid 6 Connects for another unethical proposal.
On top of that, Upwork has turned off the availability badge because my Connects balance is 0.

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Replying with a telegram for a job in any freelancing platform whether Upwork or freelancer, all are scammers.

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