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I stopped receiving responses on proposals suddenly after my first JSS score appeared.

So I started working on Upwork, in December 2019.

I have a good profile with good client reviews and a good portfolio as well.

Before my JSS score appeared on my profile, I was getting responses from clients regularly and I have good relations with all of my clients, and we always finished contracts on good terms.

But around 3 to 4 months ago, my first JSS score appeared on my profile and it was 88 percent. I know its a bit on the lower side, and maybe one of my clients gave me lower feedback privately. I understand that.
But the thing is since I got that JSS, I have stopped receiving any sort of responses. There were hardly any invites, profile views got dropped to zero. 

Because of my ongoing client, my JSS score has jumped to 90 percent now 🙂

Still no improvement in responses or anything else. I have received hardly like 1 or 2 responses in the last 3 to 4 months. And I believe there is some issue that is not allowing clients to see my proposal maybe.


If anyone can check my profile and help me out, and let me know what I am doing wrong. I would really appreciate it.


Thanks Everyone 🙂

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