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I think a client is trying to scam me. Please help :/

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Filip M Member Since: Nov 24, 2016
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Hi everyone,


First off, I never had a similar experience, and I had a lot of logo projects here on Upwork, never anything like this.


In summary, I don't want to bore you with 100 lines of text, but this is what happened:

We worked on a logo project ( $250 - $125 concepts / $125 project files ) we have finished the project, exchanged feedback ( 5 stars, great feedback from the client ).


After about 2 or 3 weeks, he came back insulting, being too rude about the logo having some faults, even though there was a detailed that was a bit off ( basically a line was showing that should have in a tiny bit of the logo ) he continued to open the dispute that lasted I believe for nearly a month.  At that point he was just making up things that he wanted to change about the logo, I did everything he asked, we ended up making 50 changes that he never asked or mentioned before, also I'd like to mention that he felt the need to have each file/icon ( icons weren't in the scope of the project) in 15 different file formats ( 550+ project files ) which I had to save every time, the support told me that I don't have to continue working on them, but I felt bad and wanted to help even though he wasn't making any sense with the changes or whatever he asked about ( he was mad that the 128px image didn't look crispy while he was using it on his banners ).



Finally,  the dispute was ended by the Upwork support team, they even offered to give him a complimentary credit, he insisted to get a total refund because one line just in the SVG file format looked a bit off ( on my and my friend's screens it looked perfectly normal, so I am guessing that was a lie too ).


Anyway, after that he continued to message me rude things about me and my work and how he is going to ruin my career and how Upwork doesn't care about us and a lot of other inappropriate stuff, that I think a professional shouldn't allow himself to say to another.


So yeah, this scared me and I wasn't sure what to do, so this is my best chance to get to something I guess, I feel really bad, but I believe I did everything to help so I am guessing he is trying to scam me or he has another agenda which I am not aware off, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this topic!


Thank you everybody so much in advance! 🙂



PS.  He also went to attack the moderator of the dispute, who honestly did his best to keep his cool with his insane requests, really cool guy by the way 🙂


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Filip M Member Since: Nov 24, 2016
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PS. All of the files were exported through an asset exporter, so it was impossible for anything to be cut off or whatever, similar goes for a bunch of other things he keeps talking about...

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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There's nothing more that you can do; that client is awful and he's never going to be satisfied. Stop working for him, stop messaging him and stop trying to fix this. Personally, I would go to arbitration, but only you can decide if it's worth it or not. 


I wouldn't worry about whatever feedback review he might give you, either. He's so clearly unhinged that I doubt anyone would pay much attention to what he says. But you're top-rated anyway so if you haven't used your perk lately, you can get it removed. I don't see what else he could do to "ruin your career"; you're quite well-established on Upwork, so his threats are ridiculous.

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Filip M Member Since: Nov 24, 2016
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Hello Christine,


Thank you for your comments on the matter, I really appreciate you taking to the time to answer and help!

Okay, I'll listen to what you said and just ignore it, for now, although if there is a way, I'd like to report this behavior to the support team, although that's just more time spent on this so it ends up being a full circle just not engaging with him whatsoever seems to be most effective. Thank you once more for your thoughts.