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I think i just got scammed by a user with profile name Olesia Tasyts

I am new here and I think i just got scammed by a user with profile name **Edited for Community Guidelines** .

They requested a sample job first,which i have delivered. I just entered the upwork community forum a few minutes ago and read the anti-scam guidlines only to realize that i have been scammed.

I tried contacting customer support and was redirected here.


You don't really need customer support.


You have learned your lesson, right?


You now know that you should not do free work.

You should not work without a contract.


You don't get paid when you do those things.


You will not get paid for the work that you did. And you most overcome any desire to get money for that work.


The good news is that because you were not paid for that work, the work still belongs to you. You may use it as a portfolio piece, or do anything else you would like with it.


Hi Osikhena,

Please flag the profile and select an appropriate reason for reporting or submit a support request and share your concerns along with the freelancer's profile link with our team. Thank you.

~ Jo-An