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I think this guy is spreading malware

I flagged this, but I think CS will see it as harmless. This guy has 4 posted jobs with high budgets with an attachment to a RAR. There is an executable in the RAR. No payment verified and posted 4 jobs all in a row with high budgets.


This should be looked at, because it's highly suspicious as malware.


**deleted links but sent in support ticket**


Did you FLAG it, or did you report it via a ticket?


best to do both - Security are usually very quick onto something like that.


I'd remove the link and send Valeria a pm with it - she can escalate.


I say remove it because someone is SURE to click on it ....

I flagged it through the "Report" link. I think they will see it as harmless though.


I didn't know you can create a ticket. I'll figure that out and do that too.

Definitely report it through a ticket, or as Petra says to Valeria personally (overloaded though she is). Your links, as you know, will get zapped eventually.

Thanks girls! Created a ticket and maybe Valeria will escalate if she has time.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for reporting this, Jennifer. I will follow up and escalate your ticket.



~ Valeria
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