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I've been Top Rated for a month, why are the weeks not changing

I've gone back to sitting at a 90% Top Rated status for a month now (from 88% before) and the Top Rated weeks went from sitting at 5 weeks last month to 4 weeks all this month. Wouldn't that change at lease one week to start adding up again?


Thank you


Hi All, 


I am happy to let you know that the specific issue that was causing discrepancies with Top Rated eligible weeks discussed on this thread has been fixed. We will be closing this thread from further replies. 


Thank you for your patience,

~ Nikola

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It has been weeks and upwork devs are not able to fix such a big issue? Is it on their priority list? 
Freelancers work hard to get Top Rated badge and it is disappointing when platform does not work as expected. You get so much commission from us. Please fix it ASAP.

Thank You

My Top Rated eligible weeks are stuck at 10 of 16 even though I have 91% JSS for a while. Why not increasing? I have attached the screenshot.

When did you achieve that 91% JSS? 

It might be that you recently (in current update) achieved the jss above 90. If yes, the eligible weeks will update on next Sunday. 

Nope. I got 91% JSS long time ago

I've seen this to many freelancers now including myself. Support told me that there is a bug currently and they are working to fix it. So just wait for some time and hope it gets better.

Okay i am waiting

Hey Riard, 


That’s the exact response I got. Did yours ever get fixed and if so, after how long?





Please, could anyone review my profile if I am already eligible for Top Rated badge?

From my point of view, I have already accomplished with all criteria to achieve this badge, however, I have not received it yet.


One more thing that I would like to point out is, that my Top Rated eligible weeks are not updating accordingly, even I am following the requirements.


Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,

Felipe Canelas

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Felipe,


Maintaining Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score of at least 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 weeks is one of the requirements that you still need to work towards for the Top Rated badge. I checked and the information on your My Stats page is correct. Please, note that in order for the eligible weeks to increase, the freelancer would have to meet the eligibility requirements each new week while non-eligible weeks fall off the calculation.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

Thank you for your reply, Bojan. I appreciate your fast response.

On the other hand, my question is about the eligible weeks. I have never been below JSS 90% on UpWork, and I've been more than 11 weeks with that when I got a Rising Talent status. Could you please help me with that and take a deeper look on my account?


As I see, my eligible weeks are stuck and are not moving forward since 2 weeks or more, even if I am accomplishing with the requirements.


Thank you in advance

- Felipe Canelas

This is still a bug that presists. Many people are complaining that their weekly TOP RATED counter is not moving - with 100% JSS and all the needed requirments, but somehow mods are insisting that this is not a bug, and everything is working according the system.

If you have to explain a system every day, and so many people have doubts and unclearances about a system - maybe it is time to do something about it... Like make a video to describe it, or make a longer more human-like post. And not the link with the table that you share which is not helpful at all.

I have same problem. I'm new on Upwork I don't have a history here.


Hi, I have a JSS 100% I got "Top Rated eligible weeks" for 4 weeks but for now, for two weeks I don't get the "Top Rated eligible weeks"! what's the problem. my JSS wasn't changed at all. I have been 100% always. I read the Upwork help page that they said this number will be updated each week but my number has not changed for 2 weeks. what's wrong with my account! can anybody help me?


Hi Mojtaba,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your tickets on this page.

~ Nikola
Community Member

I have not recieved any ticket yet Nikola

Hi Mojtaba,

Our team will resend your ticket shortly and you will be able to view it here. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hey everyone,

I've been keeping an eye on my Top Rated eligible weeks bar weekly, and it went from zero to 12 elligble weeks-non stop but got stuck at 12 for 1 month now. I understand how the whole ineligible weeks falling off the chart thing works but since there isn’t a week that I’ve been ineligible since my jss got back to 90, I contacted support and they told me that it’s true my top rated eligible weeks isn’t updating for a technical reason. That was 2 weeks ago and up to date nothing has changed. Is someone else experience the same thing and could someone from support help me solve this please? 

Thank you.

Hi Esther,


One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further with your Top Rated eligible weeks. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,

Thank you.

Hi Avery, My Top Rated eligible weeks have been suck at 12 weeks for about 3 weeks now and I have maintained a JSS of >90%. Just need to know if I did something wrong or if there is an issue with my account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Emmanuel, 


I can confirm that your eligible weeks are counted correctly. For the number of eligible weeks to increase, your non-eligible weeks will need to be "pushed out" of the past 16-weeks. Once this happens, the number of eligible weeks will start growing, provided you meet the requirements. If a suitable week falls off the calculation each week, the total number of eligible weeks won't increase. You can find more information here.

~ Avery

Hello! I have a similar issue. I totally understand the rolling window calculation, however I got rising talent badge on 12/3/21, never had a bad success score, and its 2/16/22 now. Not counting first week and the week I'm on, there are 10 weeks in between.

I'm quite confused?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ahmet,


One of our agents will reach out to you directly via support ticket to look into this issue and advise you accordingly.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan

Hello! My Top Rated Eligible week not updated it is still the same as last 3 weeks (6/16) and not updated , does it take more time?


Thanks and best regards!

Hey, It has been a long time since my top-rated eligible weeks are stuck at 10 and not increasing. Need help on that. I don't think that in the past 10 weeks I have not reached the requirements or if there was a week where requirements were not met. Please let me know about the situation.



It calculates with the past 16 weeks and in these 16 weeks you have 6 that are not eligible and they need time to fall out of these 16 weeks.

Hello, Good Day!

I have a question, I'm facing some kind of problem with my Top Rated eligible weeks that has not increased after 6 of 16 weeks on many weeks.


I have a JSS of 100% and I have noticed that I have a Top Rated eligible week of 06 of 16 still the same as before or maybe the counter stuck, my doubt is the following; is there anything that I have to do to take into consideration weekly to put you as "top-rated eligible weeks"?


Is there anything in which I'm lacking? If so, I would love it if you could write it down for me so I can make sure I follow exactly what they say.


Thank you very much.

I believe it’s happened to a few people. My weeks of eligibility have also been staying the same for a while now even though I never went below 90%.

It calculates with the past 16 weeks and in these 16 weeks you have 10 that are not eligible and they need time to fall out of these 16 weeks.

No. That's not the problem with some- EG; Me!! Upwork has said it is a 'known' issue and they are working on it (For a few weeks now). 



One issue is that my Top Rated weeks were 16/16 and i became Top Rated. Soon my JSS dropped to 87% and I was stripped off the Top Rated badge. The weeks came down to 14/16, why? 

It has struck there, why? 


Second issue is that I closed a job with big weight so that the feedback left by client is counted but the JSS is same despite refreshed after two weeks. Why?

Community Member

Saddam H wrote:

One issue is that my Top Rated weeks were 16/16 and i became Top Rated. Soon my JSS dropped to 87% and I was stripped off the Top Rated badge. The weeks came down to 14/16, why? 

Because every week when you have a JSS below 90% means you lose an eligible week from your 16-week window,


Saddam H wrote:

Second issue is that I closed a job with big weight so that the feedback left by client is counted but the JSS is same despite refreshed after two weeks. Why?

You haven't closed a contract since the beginning of February.

Community Member


Completely wrong as my this project is closed at Feb 8th and other at 6th Feb. 

Hello there,

Recently i got 94% JSS last week & 2 weeks is done but it is not increasing it stuck 10th week.


I've discussed it with 2 different upwork support executives and they both shared me different reasons for that.


The first support executive told me that it's a bug and you can wait very soon it is gonna resolved and you get your badge again in a few weeks.


A second person send me a completely different thing I'm attaching below, which claims that I'd have to wait 13 weeks more to get the badge again. and this information I received.



As you can see, there are four weeks and 1 week in the middle where you didn't meet the requirement. Until 2 of these are removed, your score will not move to 13 out of 16. If you will maintain your score above 90% in the upcoming weeks, you can expect your score to reach 13 out of 16 on the week of June 20-26

1111111011000011 ; current week  
1111110110000111 ; Apr 4-10 (11)  
1111101100001111 ; Apr 11-17 (11)  
1111011000011111 ; Apr 18-24 (11)  
1110110000111111 ; Apr 25 - May 1 (11)  
1101100001111111 ; May 2-8 (11)  
1011000011111111 ; May 9-15 (11)  
0110000111111111 ; May 16-22 (11)  
11100001111111111 ; May 23-29 (12)  
11000011111111111 ; May 30-June 5 (12)  
10000111111111111 ; June 6-12 (12)  
00001111111111111 ; June 13-19 (12)  
00011111111111111 ; June 20-26 (13)



Kindly help and do suggest which one is correct

Community Member

Yes, that is absolutely correct. You have a block of non-eligible weeks that need to "travel" all the way through your 16-week window because as long as there were are 4 plus one non-eligible weeks - there is obviously no way you can have more than 11 eligible weeks while there are 5 non-eligible weeks inside the 16 week window.





Petra R wrote:

You have a block of 4 üöus...

What? You Germans just love your umlauts. 😉

Almost as much as Brits like sticking the letter U into words in which they aren't needed.

Robert Y wrote:

Petra R wrote:

You have a block of 4 üöus...

What? You Germans just love your umlauts. 😉

Cat obsessed with keyboard lol

Hey, 4 months ago my JSS was 100% until a client gave me a low answer in the private question by mistake which resulted in lowering it to 88% while my Top Rated eligible weeks was 9.

However, after 3 months from that, he came back to me with a new work because he liked working with me and I talked with him about what he did and he was surprised and told me it was by mistake.

So I worked again with him for two small contracts and my JSS went back to 90%, that was 4-5 weeks ago and my Top Rated eligible weeks was 4.

So since then, it stayed 4 even while I'm working with a new long-term client and made +2k from him till now. What's wrong?

Hi Karim,


Thank you for your message. Eligible weeks are ones where you either had Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score above or equal to 90%. Each Saturday we remove the week 17 weeks ago from the calculation and add the most recent week. Because of the past 16 weeks, you still have the same total number of eligible ones as last time we checked. In order for the count to increase, you must be eligible this week, but not have been eligible 17 weeks ago. Check out the chart on this help page for more information.


Thank you



So for my case, I have to be eligible for 12 weeks to increase my counter then I have to be eligible for another 12 weeks to be Top rated? is that right?

Also isn't there a way to remove the feedback of my review that did that to me? clearly, he did this by mistake, and what proves it is that he came back to work with me again for two contracts and give me a full 10/10. Of course I mean other way than the Top-rated way

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