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I've never received an invite!

Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to learn from this platform!


I have been on Upwork for close to 2 months, I am still struggling to get a job invite to get a reasonable interview! I have got some scammers and unverified clients that toyed with my intelligence.


That aside, I have tried to update my skills, profile description, and other edits possible by a freelancer account. I was awarded RISING TALENT but that doesn't help me get a single invite. What's the secret? Please share your secret with me so I can model a working strategy.


Furthermore, I checked my stats, it shows zero, which means no one has seen my profile at all.





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When you are new, pretty much any invitation is going to be a scammer.  They prey on newbies.  Be sure that nothing in your profile indicates that you are new.  Instead, highlight your experience off the platform and your skills.


Ignore the stats.  They are completely screwing and a couple of weeks behind last time I checked.  Don't even look there.

One other thing.  When a client first sees your proposal and/or profile, they will only see the first two lines before they decide whether to scroll down.  Use those lines to highlight your skill.  No greeting, either.  Waste of space in this context.

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Scammers target new freelancers, so expect to get attention of a lot of scammers. In terms of getting legit invites, I've noticed signficant increase after getting Top Rated badge. At this point the more practical route is to try an win a job through proposal, bidding on jobs where you can see the client - their work history, to filter out potential scams. Once you build some work history, get JSS, and then Top Rated you should notice increase in invites as well.

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