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I've started a project Yesterday..But it's not showing in my work history..!

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Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Muhammad, perhaps it would be of assistance for you to know that the majority of us within the Community are Freelancers such as yourself vs. Upwork employees.  We're all unique individuals with our own set of styles.  Also, we're all human and subject to having good days and not so good days.


With that said sometimes any of us can become frustrated, irritated and curt with Posters here.  IMO the major reason for this is that there's such an abundance of information available to educate one's self on this platform.  Nearly anything one would need/want to know is within the "Help and Support" areas and/or within this "Community."  All one has to do is to enter what they're searching for, read/view/listen to the information, and absorb it.


Recently a few of us have been discussing this very subject.  Some believe many are just too lazy to access and learn the information on their own.  Others believe Upwork's not as user friendly as they should be in that regard.  It may actually be some of both. Regardless, the information is available.