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I've stopped getting notifications of new messages from clients

Hi, recently I have stopped getting notifications of messages (on my desktop and mobile). I have not changed my notification settings and have checked to make sure the settings are set to 'All Activity'.  Can you help with this?


Hi Sandra,


Thank you for your message. I'll have one of our customer support agents to reach out to you directly and assist you further.


Thank you


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Thanks Pradeep - I have not received a reply yet, but just so you know, my private inbox in this portal no longer seems to work either.  Last year I had a couple of issues that got sorted out right away in my private messaging (at the top of this page next to my photo) but I've had several issues in the last two months, and whenever I look for an answer on this platform or in my email (like in this case today - no email was sent to confirm you replied) I need to go into Discussions - Freelancers - and then scroll down a few pages to find my name or subject.  V time consuming!

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