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I want to ask, can i use videohive templates for making intro logo animation videos?

I want to ask, can i use videohive templates for making intro logo animation videos? The client doesn't define initially any specific or custom requirement. But after i sent him the Logo animation using a videohive template but customizes the animation/reveal of logo. So it is usable or not? Also the client told me to report because of using the template? So in this situation what we need to do?


Give me a breif answer for this. Thanks


Anyone please?



Upwork is NOT a logo animation video website.


I can assure you that Upwork does NOT have policies regarding the use of VideoHive templates.


Whether or not you can use such resources is entirely between you and your client.


If using a VideoHIve template has caused a problem for you, then perhaps you need to think about how you use such a resource. Perhaps you should make sure this is a discussion you have with a client before you use it:


"Charlie, I'm looking forward to creating this video for you. If I use a VideoHive template, it will save time, and I will charge $XXX.00. If you don't want me to use a VideoHive template, I can still do the project, but it will take more time, so I will need to charge $XXXX.00."


If you have already finished a project and a client is complaining about it, then maybe you can compromise with him? Offer him a 10% discount? Maybe he just needs to feel like his concern is being heard.


You could suggest that he come here to the Forum to discuss his concerns with us.


But to answer your specific questions:

Upwork does NOT have any policies against using VideoHive templates.


And if the client is threatening to report you for using them, then this is an empty threat, because as far as Upwork is concerned, you have done nothing wrong.


So "reporting" you means nothing.

The key thing at stake here is customer satisfaction.

Thank you so much for this information!

I will hopefully work on this to fix it.

According to the upwork terms( optional service contract terms), which is the default terms in absence of any other terms agreed between parties, you must disclose any background technology that you intend to use, otherwise it is deemed that no such background technology was used in work product.

I am not talking about OP's case specifically. but in my personal opinion:

Regardless of what the terms says, it is generally a good thing to discuss such matters with clients before hand,especially as use of third party services often binds usage of the work product.

It is NOT OK to bind a client with third party terms/payment obligations without letting them know beforehand.
It is not ok to assume that client will be ok with those terms of third party website.

Thanks sir Vivek for the response.

Well, i have initially showed the Client for this sample style of Intro, and he liked it and agreed to do that in same style. So that's why we started and use that videohive template and then customize the Logo reveal/animation as per his request.

I am not privy to discussion between you and your client. I cannot possibly form a view/opinion regarding your client's knowledge about you using template for their work.
It is upto you to decide if you did everything right.

But sometimes freelancers show samples to discuss style, functioning etc that does not mean anything with regards to use of background technology/ services.
For example a landing page can be created using mail chimp but a similar landing page can be custom designed too.
So if I OK a style of a landing page created in mail chimp it does not necessarily mean, I want a landing page created in mail chimp.
In fact, according to up work ToS if I contract with a freelancer for a landing page and he does not say beforehand that they would use mail-chimp(or other such services), they must create a custom landing page.

There are problems with use of background services, for example a design created in canva does have limitations on number of prints(depending on package) and any slight change needs to be done (and paid separately) in canva itself.
Such terms are not always practical/beneficial from clients point of view.
Is it okay for a freelancer to show a banner (created in Canva) as sample and then use the canva to create the client's work product, without first disclosing that they will use that service .

In that case client would be having limited freedom with his product , in place of unfettered rights on a custom made product.

Personally, I do not feel it is right thing to do without first discussing.

I think you should discuss and try to understand your clients points of objection and see if there is something that you can do to correct it.