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I want to reopen a closed account

Hi there!
There's a problem that I need to solve immdiately. 
A few days ao, I closed my account that i had created with my gmail. But now I need to reopen it.

The problem is that i can't create a new account with my gmail because upwork tells me that it's already used for an account. But when i try to log in with my gmail, upwork tells me that there's no account created by this gmail. So, i can neither log in to my orignal account nor sign up for a new account.

I want to reopen my closed account or create a new one with my gmail.

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Hi Once you used your E-mail for Upwork account creation, the existed used same E-Mail is not able for another account. If you want to open your previous account you should contact customer care support. And another choice if you want to work from scratch you can create another account with a new E-mail account.

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