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I want to see my portfolio image also front of review

Hello, Upwork

i want to add my portfolio image in front of the client's review.
1. like I attached image xzy3
2. I have updated the portfolio and updated the related Upwork job option you can see attached image xyz but still it not shown in front of the client's review.



Hi Rahul,


Thank you for your feedback. Currently, it is by design that the portfolio image corresponding to a completed work in your profile does not show and there's no option to add it. I'll share your feedback with the team and should there be changes, we'll post an update here in the Community.




I apologize for the initial response. Where possible, you can link items to past Upwork contracts. These items will be displayed more prominently and help build your credibility in the marketplace. We’ll automatically email the client when a portfolio item has been linked, giving them three days to reject it before the item will be publicly linked to their history.

~ AJ
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Hi, Annie Jane!
Are you sure that "image does not show by design"?

b'cose I see covers from connected portfolio items on other freelancer's feedback block...



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When you add a new portfolio piece, on the very first screen it'll say "Related Upwork Job (optional)" - click on the dropdown menu and select the project, then the image will appear next to the client's feedback review. If you've already put the item in your portfolio, you can choose to edit it, and follow the same steps. (It won't appear immediately, BTW; Upwork will notify the client and give them a few days to respond, in case they don't want their project to be shown.)

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