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I want to see the job on which I applied who was awarded.


I transferred from Elance and on Elance it was nice feature I can see the job on which I applied who win the contract.

But on Upwork I don't see such interface and it is always hard to guess my rate was High or Proposal was not upto mark or any other reason for my declined proposal.

Please add this feature.


Hi Atif,

Thanks for continuing your freelancing on Upwork. One option for you to consider is upgrading to a Plus freelancer membership plan. You can do this from your account via the Settings pages. This does allow you some visiblity into competitor bids, by showing you highest/lowest/average bid amount. 

Sadly, what you are asking for was a feature on Upwork.


But they eliminated it last Spring despite the strong objections posted on this Forum.

Joseph M. C. ,P.C., CPA/ABV