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I want to stop the process to send money into my local account

hi everypne i want to ask a question here that , i earned money from upwork and before asking me upwork sent the money to my direct account but i want to keep that money in my upwork account to buy  more conect , tell me how can i stop that process. because on 16th december account will be in my local account

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Hello Muhammad, 

In the "Get paid" section, you can increase the Automatic transfer limit [when your balance reaches that limit the money is automatically transferred]. you can increase it to 1000$. Also, you have the option to keep up to 15$ in the account for buying connects. 


This is how it looksThis is how it looks


Hi Muhammad,


We've shared your concern with the team and they were able to return the withdrawal back to your balance. Just be mindful that since the transaction had been already initiated, the withdrawal fee could not be returned. At the same time, feel free to check what Youssef posted here in this same thread as a workaround to leave some balance in your account which you can use to buy Connects. You may also check this help article to learn more about the automatic payment schedule. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions. 


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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