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I want to terminate the contract

I wanted to terminate the contract with my client. We had an agreement to finish the work in 2 months. But it ended up more than I expected. I've spent alot of time and effort already. He keeps on revising my work multiple times already. I should have stepulated in our contract the limitations of the revisions. How can I terminate the contract? If I do so, does it affect my rating here in upwork? Our contract was not per hourly basis. It's a milestone. Kindly advise me here. Thank you so much!

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A contract is a contract. If you cant come to a reasonable resolution with the client, like part payment for work done, and if two months have passed and you haven't been paid, I would withhold the work from the client. I would then terminate the contract and file a dispute on an ended contract

From your find work home page, go to My Jobs and choose All Contracts

Find the contract and select See Request.

Choose the option I do not approve of this request and wish to file a dispute.

Select Next

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Clients think they can review and review and review for months on end. The reality is you have to eat too and you cant do that by working for less minimum wage and clients expecting to be your priority 8 months down the track when the contract was for two months. Your rating won't be affected if you file a dispute and leave an honest and real account of why you terminated the contract. Good luck. 

No need to initiate a dispute. I'd be polite but straightforward with the client, telling him that you've done the work describe and you'd like to either end the contract or set up another milestone for more work. If he doesn't agree, formally request payment. If the client still doesn't agree then let him file the dispute. I just think it's a bad practice to initiate dispute, but each their own I guess.


Your rating can and will be affected if you end the contract, or if the client does, dispute or not. There's no way around that. Fortunately you can use your feeback removal option since you're top rated. 

I will consider your advise! I really appreciate it! Thank you

I will take your advise! really appreciate it! Thank you

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I am in a similar situation this week and don't know what to do.  A client had hired me for a few fixed price milestones earlier this year. Milestones were completed, she approved my work and I was paid. Now a few months later she contacted me again and requested some changes to the drawings because she is changing the design of her house. I gave her a price for the additional work and she activated a new milestone last week. I completed the work and sent it to her a few days ago. She will not approve the work I just completed  because she wants additional work done that was not in our scope and doesn't want to pay for it. She is now saying that I didn't complete what she hired me to do in February, which is crazy because she reviewed the work multiple times before approving it to be paid and if it wasn't what she wanted then why did she approve it and pay me in the first place - for two other milestones?  I would like to terminate our contract for the latest milestone. Although I've completed the work she requested, at this point I don't care if she pays me for it or not and I told her that. I told her she could just have the latest work at no charge and we would be done. She will not stop contacting me. She is completely disrespectful and rude. She is harassing me day and night about re-doing the work I did for her earlier this year at no charge, saying I didn't provide what she wanted. She wants me to work for free because she is already way over budget on her building project, can't afford what she wants to do, and that's why she needs to change her drawings, not because I didn't complete the original work. She is so rude and unprofessional that I wouldn't work for her again if she paid me a million dollars. No amount of money is worth being harassed like that.  Are we as freelancers allowed to terminate a contract with a client who is rude and unprofessional? What options do we have in a situation like this?

A freelancer is allowed to end a contract at any time. For any reason. Or for no reason at all.


Yiu have the control. You have the button. You do not need to ask permission.


If you want to end a contract, go ahead.

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