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I was invited to the Rising Talent badge but does no longer appear

Hi, Im new in up work.

As the title describes, i linked to make the readiness test and i failed. I did it some times later, and failed again. Today I passed. But there`s no sign of the Rising Talent invitation that I had some weeks ago, where did it go? How coud I have access to follow the nexts steps to became a RT? 


Thanks 4 reading!

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There are few things which are officialy announced by upwork to get Rising Talent Badge. Make sure you have all these.

How do you qualify?
Always comply with the Upwork Terms of Service
and deliver great work!
• A 100% complete Upwork profile
• Up-to-date availability status
• Regularly submit proposals to projects relevant in
your skill set
• Deliver great work to your clients and receive great
• Complete your projects on time and as promised


Hi Gustavo,


The Rising Talent badge is automatically assigned when a freelancer meets the requirements listed here. Once you qualify for the badge, you will receive a notification letting you know and it will also reflect on your profile. Thanks!

~ Joanne
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